On 25 years...

13th March 2023:

"You know to me girl, we'll always be 25" ~ 25, The Kooks 

As I enter my 26th year, it felt only right to provide some reflections on the 25 years I have lived so far. 

A lot has happened

I've grown from a single cell to a "fully-grown" adult. No simple task. Thankfully, my biology did most of the work for me. 

I am a do-er. I always liked making things rather than consuming. Don't get me wrong, there is still much consumption, but i always preferred writing my own stories rather than reading, preferred being outdoors playing rather than watching sport. I'm writing in a weird tense, "always preferred" - i still prefer this, though I have found more recently to get more pleasure from reading (still not much of a sport watcher) as I have come to realise that a large element of creativity is from reusing material from multiple sources. A book is a great collection of material.

"Little Me" - Little Mix, younger me would be excited, very proud, but probably not surprised. She knew what she was capable of and would accomplish. She wouldn't let it show though, there was no need to. Only she needed to know.

On being 25 in 2022-23

I often wonder what I would have been like should I have been born 100 years earlier. 

This past year I developed a passion for reading old books.

I can order a book and it be delivered the next day. I videocall people all around the globe from the comfort of my bedroom. I have almost unlimited options of film and TV to watch online. If i want to do something, there seems like there is always a way i can do it.

Framing my world in this manner has become both overwhelming and enthralling. I am continually excited by all the things I can do, but almost immediately depressed with the knowledge that the majority of it will not become a reality.

Then I listen to some S Club 7 and tell myself "it's alright" and that I am just amazed at the output i can attain and that I should be proud with just that. 

It turns out i like really cheesy music and Pixar films. 

What do i want for the next 25 years...

... there are of course some milestones I'd like to achieve. More-so the last few years I've come to realise what i am good at - my skillset so to speak:

With these attributes i would only want to do good. In particular in the science space. Anyhow, i plan on writing a book in the near term - I am inspired by H.G.Well's ability to write both fiction & non-fiction and could easily see myself doing this full-time. But, i like being a hands on scientist too and a teacher. 

The fact that as i said in the beginning, "a lot has happened", means that a lot can and will happen in the next 25 years. 

I read broadly. I think i do this to create a mental map in my mind of how the world works. I know i cannot read everything and the map will always be incomplete. As i strive to find the right balance between creating and consuming

My 25 unsolicited bits of advice

I was going to turn this into a video, but would've been quite an undertaking with everything going on. So, here's the written list: